Aurélien Baillon

endowed professor of economics of uncertainty


published papers

Management Science
Baillon, Aurélien, Han Bleichrodt, Umut Keskin, Olivier l'Haridon, & Chen Li (forthcoming). "The effect of learning on ambiguity attitudes." Management Science.

The Economic Journal
Baillon, Aurélien (forthcoming). "Prudence with respect to ambiguity." The Economic Journal
online appendix

Theory and Decision
Baillon, Aurélien, Ning Liu, & Dennie van Dolder (forthcoming). "Comparing uncertainty aversion towards different sources." Theory and Decision.

Journal of Risk and Uncertainty
Baillon, Aurélien, Han Bleichrodt, Ning Liu, & Peter. P. Wakker (2016) "Group Decision Rules and Group Rationality under Risk," Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, vol. 52:2, pp 99–116.

Journal of Economic Psychology
Baillon, Aurélien, Philipp Koellinger, & Theresa Treffers (2016) "Sadder but wiser: the effects of affective states on ambiguity attitudes," Journal of Economic Psychology, vol. 53, pp.67-82.

Baillon, Aurélien & Olivier l'Haridon (2016) "Les Modèles d'Ambiguïté : Modèles et évaluations expérimentales ," Actualité Economique, vol. 92:1-2, pp.

American Economic Journal: Microeconomics
Baillon, Aurélien, & Han Bleichrodt (2015), "Testing ambiguity models through the measurement of probabilities for gains and losses," American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, vol. 7:2, pp. 77-100. dataset - online appendix

Operations Research
Baillon, Aurélien, Han Bleichrodt, and Alessandra Cillo (2015), "A tailor-made test of intransitive choice," Operations Research, vol. 63:1, pp. 198-211. dataset - supplementary material

Evolution and Human Behavior
Baillon, Aurélien, Asli Selim, & Dennie van Dolder (2013), "On the social nature of eyes: the effect of social cues in interaction and individual choice tasks," Evolution and Human Behavior, vol. 34:2, pp. 146-154.
dataset - electronic supplementary material

Games and Economic Behavior
Baillon, Aurélien, Bram Driesen, and Peter P. Wakker (2012), "Relative concave utility for risk and ambiguity," Games and Economic Behavior, vol. 75:2, pp. 481-489.

Journal of Risk and Uncertainty
Baillon, Aurélien, Laure Cabantous, and Peter P. Wakker (2012), "Aggregating imprecise or conflicting beliefs: an experimental investigation using modern ambiguity theories," Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, vol. 44, pp. 115-147.

American Economic Review
Baillon, Aurélien, Olivier l'Haridon, & Laetitia Placido (2011), "Ambiguity models and the Machina paradoxes," American Economic Review, vol. 101:4, pp. 1547-1560.

American Economic Review
Abdellaoui, Mohammed, Aurélien Baillon, Laetitia Placido, & Peter P. Wakker (2011), "The rich domain of uncertainty: source functions and their experimental implementation," American Economic Review, vol. 101:2, pp. 699-727.
background material

Decision Analysis
Baillon, Aurélien (2008), "Eliciting subjective probabilities through exchangeable events: an advantage and a limitation," Decision Analysis, vol. 5:2, pp. 76-87.


submitted papers

Baillon, Aurélien, Yoram Halevy, & Chen Li. "Experimental elicitation of ambiguity attitude using the random incentive system."

Baillon, Aurélien, Han Bleichrodt, Zhenxing Huang, & Rogier Potter van Loon. "Measuring ambiguity attitude: (extended) multiplier preferences for the American and the Dutch population."

Johnson, Cathleen, Aurélien Baillon, Han Bleichrodt, Zhihua Li, Dennie van Dolder, & Peter. P. Wakker. "Prince: an improved method for measuring incentivized preferences." Web appendix

Baillon, Aurélien, Han Bleichrodt, & Vitalie Spinu "Searching for the reference point." Online appendix

Baillon, Aurélien, Zhenxing Huang, Asli Selim, & Peter. P. Wakker. "Measuring Ambiguity Attitudes for All (Natural) Events." Online appendix